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Board of Trustees:

Bill Carriger

Jim Cox

Jerry Myers

Dave Petr

Mark Stanley

Ken Traux

Board of Directors:

Directors & Trustees

Vince Maricevic - President

Charles Garretty

Marquisette Bickford - V. P.

Trevor Goertzen

Donnie & Megan Jones - Secretary

Jerry Myers

Tony Haas -Treasurer

T.J. Tinsley

Bill & Diana Carriger

(L to R)
Jerry Myers,
Vince Maricevic,
Tony Haas,
Trevor Goertzen,
Diana Carriger,
Bill Carriger,
Marquisette Bickford,
Charles Garretty,
Meghen Jones,
Donnie Jones,
(Not Pictured)T.J. Tinsley

(L to R)
Bill Carriger,
Jerry Myers
Mark Stanley,
Jim Cox,
Dave Petr,
Ken Truax